float [flōt]
[ME flote < OE flota, that which floats, ship, fleet < base of fleotan: see FLEET2]
1. anything that stays, or causes something else to stay, on the surface of a liquid or suspended near the surface; specif.,
a) an air-filled bladder, as in a fish
b) a cork on a fishing line
c) a floating ball or device that regulates the valve controlling water level, as in a tank, or fuel supply, as in a carburetor
d) a raftlike platform anchored near a shore, as for use by swimmers
e) a life preserver
f) a buoyant device on an aircraft to enable it to land or remain on water
a) a low, flat, decorated vehicle for carrying exhibits, tableaux, etc. in a parade
b) this vehicle together with its exhibit, tableau, etc.
3. a flat tool for smoothing or spreading cement, plaster, etc.
4. a thread that is brought to the surface of a cloth in weaving, esp. to form a pattern
5. a cold beverage with ice cream floating in it [root beer float]
6. the act or an instance of floating
7. any of the various styles of floating executed by swimmers
8. the act of allowing a currency to float on the market
9. Banking the total value of checks or drafts in transit and not yet collected
[ME flotien < OE flotian]
1. to stay on the surface of a liquid or suspended near the surface
2. to drift or move slowly or easily on water, in air, etc. [leaves floating down from the trees ]
3. to move or drift about vaguely and without purpose [idle thoughts floating through the mind]
4. to fluctuate freely in relationship to other currencies, as determined by supply and demand: said of a currency
a) to cause to stay on the surface of a liquid or suspended near the surface
b) to bring to the surface and cause to stay there
2. Now Rare to cover (land) with water; flood
a) to put into circulation; place on the market [to float a bond issue]
b) to establish or start (a business, etc.)
4. to arrange for (a loan)
5. to smooth or spread (cement, plaster, etc.)
6. to allow the exchange value of (a currency) to fluctuate freely in relationship to other currencies

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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